Pass the TExES ESL Supplemental

I received my (Core Subjects EC-6) hard copy today and it is BEAUTIFUL! I am so excited and appreciate your hard work to put it together. What an amazing project. Thanks!
- K.P., Jefferson, TX

Pass the TExES ESL Supplemental

Also, I wanted to thank you for the book! I have been out of college for 18 years. I have spent the last 9 years out of the classroom as a stay at home mom, so I had forgotten a lot of the education jargon. I bought your book and used it to take the ESL supplemental test to add to my certification to get back into the classroom next year. I hadn't studied or taken a test in almost 2 decades, but with your study guide, I not only passed my test, but scored 280/300! Thanks for your help! This was a great study manual!
- R.E., Justin, TX

Pass the TExES ELAR 4-8l

I just want to let you all know how helpful the study guide was. I got the study guide Friday to take the ELAR 4-8 test on Saturday. I thoroughly read every part of that book and passed my exam. I will definitely buying more books from you in the future and I'm recommending you to coworkers and friends! Thanks so much for helping me pass on the first try!
- B.V. Royce City, TX

Seminar Questionnaire
This questionnaire is for institutions who are interested in seminars. Individuals expressing interest in seminars, please send an e-mail. Thank you.
Seminars are available for most all of our programs and are one-half or full-day in length. During "The Details" seminar the student/teacher learns how to use our unique study program, participates in group discussion regarding the content for each Competency, reviews our unique analysis and synthesis tools to aid with internalizing the material, and participates in class exercises. For "The Basics" seminar, the session is 1.5 hours and covers our unique study tools only with a mixed group...those taking multiple types of tests can be in the same session. Please complete this questionnaire should you be interested in receiving more information about our seminars, and we will send a proposal to you within 24 hours.

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Name: **
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State: **
Zip: **
Email: **
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Fax Number:
Number of students/teachers that would potentially attend a seminar:
Number of seminars that you would like:
Can you provide a room to accommodate this seminar at your location? Yes  No
If not, where would you host the seminar?
Would you be paying for the seminar or books or both for the students/teachers, or would they be paying for everything? Please explain:
Additional information:
We price the seminar per person on a sliding scale, depending on the number of attendees. The more attendees there are, the lower the cost is per attendee. Most seminars are available on weekends or evenings only and in limited areas of Texas. Thank you for your interest!

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