Pass the TExES ESL Supplemental

I received my (Core Subjects EC-6) hard copy today and it is BEAUTIFUL! I am so excited and appreciate your hard work to put it together. What an amazing project. Thanks!
- K.P., Jefferson, TX

Pass the TExES ESL Supplemental

Also, I wanted to thank you for the book! I have been out of college for 18 years. I have spent the last 9 years out of the classroom as a stay at home mom, so I had forgotten a lot of the education jargon. I bought your book and used it to take the ESL supplemental test to add to my certification to get back into the classroom next year. I hadn't studied or taken a test in almost 2 decades, but with your study guide, I not only passed my test, but scored 280/300! Thanks for your help! This was a great study manual!
- R.E., Justin, TX

Pass the TExES ELAR 4-8l

I just want to let you all know how helpful the study guide was. I got the study guide Friday to take the ELAR 4-8 test on Saturday. I thoroughly read every part of that book and passed my exam. I will definitely buying more books from you in the future and I'm recommending you to coworkers and friends! Thanks so much for helping me pass on the first try!
- B.V. Royce City, TX


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Test Results - Comments from Customers

  • Thank you for the PPR ebook at the discounted rate. I passed and your book literally gave me a lot of the details I needed to pass the test. I took the test without any books originally thinking I could wing it, mind you, I have never been a teacher. I failed by 2 points without any books - just the online TExES manual. So I decided go back to what works for me. I procured the ebook printed it and studied. I studied for about 3 weeks or so 3-4 times a week. I took the test scored almost 20 points higher. I should have just bought the book in the beginning and saved myself 120 bucks. - S.O., Brookshire, TX (4/19)
  • I took my PPR in 2013 and I earned a 235. Four years later, I retook my exam and I earned a 270. I used the study materials and practice test. I did intensive reviews and this time I earned a 270. I took the Content 4-8 Social Studies (118). This book was a major help. Easy to read and follow. I passed with a 254. Thank you. - R.W., Houston ,TX
  • I came across a teacher who referred me to Ed Publishing. It was the best thing that ever happen to my life. I never thought I would have a success story this soon. Thank you for all of the people that have contributed to this study guide. - Safa M.
  • I just wanted to let you know that I barely passed a practice test for 4-8 Generalist. That disturbed me, since I only had five days before the actual test. I ordered your study guide and was only able to prioritize the areas which were the weakest for me on the practice test, Science and Mathematics. I got a 285 on the test! Thanks to your material, I go 28 of of 28 math problems correct and 25 out of 27 science problems correct! Thank you for this fantastic guide and for your excellent customer service when I could not download the ebook. S.R., Texarkana, AR
  • The university I attended gave me the Ed Publishing books to study for both my 4-8 Generalist, as well as my PPR exams. They were great study guides and I passed both my exams on the first try! I am currently studying for another TExES test, and am going to be using these study guides for this test and more in the future! - A.N., Katy, TX
  • Passed on the first try. I am a Navy veteran getting ready to retire and passed the TEXES SS 132 on the first try. The book was great it was great in breaking down concepts and strategies. I would recommend it to anyone!!! For me the book was all I needed and three weeks! Money well spent! - A. W., Carmel, IN
  • Thank you so much for an awesome study guide! I am enrolled in an alternative certification program and have been out of college for 15 years. Your study guide was exactly what I needed to review important bjectives. I took the Generalist 4-8 in June, 2010 and passed the first time! I will definitely be using you again for studying for the PPR. Thanks again, - C.B. Silsbee, TX

  • I recently took the Generalist 4-8 exam and prepared for the exam with the book I purchased from you. The book really helped me understand the concepts and competencies needed for the exam. I had no prior experience with teaching or a lot of the concepts covered in the exam as I schooled abroad. Your book was so helpful and I am happy to say that I passed the exam on my first attempt. Thanks a lot for such a wonderful book!! - I.C. Houston, Texas

  • I am writing to let you know that I passed my Social Studies 4-8 exam on my first attempt with a score of 290. I ordered the study guide 1 month prior to taking my exam and studied several hours each week. I want to stress the fact that I was not an Education major in college but am now obtaining an alternative teaching certification. I graduated from college in 1993 and had not set foot in a classroom since. The fact that I was able to score as well as I did after being out of school for over 15 years is a testament to the effectiveness of your study guide. Thank you!!! - J.R., Corpus Christi

  • "I am letting you know that I passed my PPR test! I scored a 240...it wasn't pretty but at least it was enough to pass. I learned all the acronyms and wrote them down as soon as I sat down to take the test. Thanks for your help!!" - Nanci Weldon, Earth, TX

  • It is truly amazing. I passed! It was my fourth time to take it, if I failed I was looking at long term sub pay. YIKES! My scores just kept getting lower. My first score was a 238. My third score was 208 with 240 being passing. I passed after using the book with a 253. I just wished I had known about the book long before my fourth exam. I was more confidant and the material made sense. Thanks. You were wonderful to work with!" - T.K.D. - Amarillo

  • "I passed the test the first time using your wonderful book! I haven't seen math in 20 years and History was never my preferred subject. I only had 3 weeks to read your book, but it was so comprehensive and easy to read that everything was memorable for the test. Thank you so much." Victoria O.

  • "I spoke to you and got tutored by you over the phone about a month ago...I was on my third try to pass the PPR EC-12. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I passed with a 269...yes!" -A.M.

  • "I took the Pedagogy exam for the first time using your workbook and made a 280. Thank you for offering such a great product." - B. Farmer

  • "I recently took the 4-8 Generalist test and I passed the first time with flying colors. I scored a 26 out of 28 on the Math portion of the test. After reading the book it gave me everything I need to study, and I'm very thankful for the authors who wrote this book! I recommend this book to everybody who wants to pass their test." L.G., Dallas, TX"

  • "I recently used Pass the TExES Science 8-12 from Ed Publishing to pass the state science composite test. I passed the test and your manual was extremely helpful."
    -Jose Molina, Weslaco

  • "I had a phone tutoring session with you...I wanted to let you know that I PASSED the ESL Supplemental Test(#154) on the FIRST try! Yahhhoooooo! Thanks so much for this new system for studying for this Texas Educator exam. I am now working in Houston ISD. Yeahhhh!"
    - Houston area customer

  • I thought I would write to let you know that I BARELY passed the SS 8-12 composite Texes exam on May 21. I can tell you if I had not had this information I would not have passed at all. Thanks for the help." -SS 8-12 Customer

  • "I don't know if you remember me or not but we did a telephone tutoring session one Sunday night back in May. I took the Music TExES. I just wanted to let you know that I applied the techniques and suggestions you gave and I PASSED!!!! I just got the results today. This is extremely special for me because I had failed two previous times when trying to do it on my own. Thank you for all of your help doing the tutoring session definitely made the difference." - Tom Guyton

  • "Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I purchased your book and CD and I just received my scores and I PASSED WITH A 266. I appreciate your help very much, I did what you suggested and followed your formula. Thank you again for this." - Monica Little, Title 1 Teacher, Kemp TX

  • "I attended your Pass the TExES PPR seminar last summer and finally received my certification after failing the ExCET PPR several times. It was on your recommendation that I take the TExES instead of the EXCET. I appreciate all of the help that you have given me."
    - Blaine F., PPR Seminar Attendee

  • "I PASSED my test with a 243!!! I found out on Halloween right before we played our biggest game of the year. I passed the test, and we won the game and made it to the playoffs. We shed a few tears that evening I do believe. I am now back on full pay. It is such a relief that now I know that I can take care of my boys financially. I am so grateful that the good Lord sent Mark to me and my boys. All of the hard work and studying and following the system that was set in front of me paid off. I just had to take it two times using the methods that Mark taught me. God Bless You, and thanks for helping me."
    - Clint B., Dallas

  • "I would like to thank you for a great seminar and book. I was prepared for the TExES test. After taking the ExCET PD test 13 times, I passed TExES on the 14th. I scored a 252. I can wake up now, the nightmare is over. I feel like I am on Cloud 9.
    Thanks a Million"
    - Quincy Lindsey, Dallas Seminar Attendee

  • "Well I just got my score off the Internet, and I passed!!! My score went up 9 points and it could have been higher if I had more time to study. I'm married with 3 children that are active in everything. Thanks so much for helping me
    learn "how" to study for a test that has 2 right answers and you have to think critically and pick the BEST answer. Thanks to you I can keep my teacher's salary!!!"
    - Terri Lee, Cleburne ISD

  • "Thank you! God bless you so much. I passed! You are a blessing to me. I pray that God will bless you and your family. This was my last opportunity!"
    - Christy Abaroji, Attended Dallas ExCET PD Tutoring Session

  • "On Friday I received my preliminary results on the Professional Development Test (EXCET), 80. This was my first attempt at the test and like most I did not want to repeat the process. To insure my success I decided to take advantage of three separate reviews. The school district offered a course along with the university attended for my Emergency Certification. Your seminar was the first on the road to success.

    The approach you used was both logical, sound and practical. Attending the other two reviews was anticlimactic. In fact, they were so lacking in helpful hints, direction and substantive approach to the test that I walked out of both at the break...

    ...The math test came first. After four and three quarters hours working in a sweat, I was not real confident approaching the Professional Development Test in the afternoon. No stop for lunch, I lunged into the test. My first step was to relax and write the brief descriptions of the competencies along with as many of the key descriptors as I could remember. As I progressed through the test it was amazing how the applicable competency materialized. The answers were not far behind this important realization.

    I completed this test in four hours and a half. You recommended taking the full time. By about seven in the evening I was hungry, tired and tested out.

    You saved my rear end with your approach to the test. For my success I would like to thank you and say your seminar was well worth the investment of the time and money."

    Thankfully yours,
    Bob Hurley"

  • "I did pass; thank you all so much. I have been so busy with the 5th grade class and preparing now for the EC-4, 101 content test I just had not contacted you all. But I did pass the professional development test new version and thanks so much for your help."
    - George Gamble

  • "Great program! My score went up 8 points!"
    - Tutoring student, Magnolia, TX

  • "I had taken the exam 7 times. I attended the seminar and passed! I feel that it helped a lot. I really encourage students who are struggling...my score went up 10 points, from a 63 to a 73."
    - Angelica Wheat, Harlingen Seminar Attendee

  • "He is an excellent tutor. He really encouraged me to use my thinking abilities which gave me self-confidence. My practice test score improved by 11 points after his tutoring session."
    - Teacher in the Dallas ISD

  • "Just wanted to let you know I passed both parts of my ExCET. Thank you very much for showing me what and how to study for the exam. I improved my score by 8 points."
    - Tabitha Hellman

  • "I am happy to let know that I finally passed the PD ExCET. YES !!! You guys helped me out from a low of 46 to a final 78. I was down so long, bottom looked like up!

    Let me tell you, I was sweating bullets!!...Thanks again for having faith in me...

    P.S. My wife thanks you, my mother thanks you, my sister thanks you."

    - Gerry Vivero
  • Comments from Customers

  • I received my (Core Subjects EC-6) hard copy today and it is BEAUTIFUL! I am so excited and appreciate your hard work to put it together. What an amazing project. Thanks!" - K.P., Jefferson, TX
  • "Thank you, thank you, thank you for getting my order to me so quickly!!! I love it and I am so motivated to study for my Social Studies Composite exam...Again, I appreciate you and the entire team for all that you do. You are filling a vital need in the education community and it is not going unnoticed." T.H., Houston

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    Comments from Institution Staff

    The quotes below are from the surveys that we distribute after seminars and tutoring, and from e-mails and letters that we receive from program participants.

    • "Thank you so much for the prompt delivery! I take my exam this Saturday, and your book has already been a huge help to me in the few hours since it got here. I love the CD as well."
      - N.E. Sugarland, TX

    • This is from the College of the Mainland's PACT program newsletter to teachers:
      "Our recent 'Pass the TExES' seminar was a smashing success! The speaker did an excellent job reviewing students for the PPR exam. We had 47 student participants in this training, Saturday March 22. Friday evening, March 21, three of our PPR faculty were trained to integrate these study methods into the PPR curriculum as well as facilitate the same 5-hour 'Pass the TExES Seminar.' "

    • "Did a good job of showing how Competencies are tied to questions. Good job of breaking down, describing, giving examples."
      - Jerry Whitworth, Abilene Christian Univ.

    • "Pass the TExES is an excellent tool for the development of analysis which is absolutely necessary for success on the PPR test. It allows you to not only identify the best answer, but understand why it is the best possible choice."
      - Tracy Weeden, Educational Consultant, Houston, TX

    • "We love your book...it is your book students have given the most positive feedback about. We had one student who failed the practice ExCET twice and then, upon our recommendation, studied your book. She made 95 on her next try and attributes that success to your book."
      - Carla McAdams, ExCET Coordinator at the Univ. of Houston, Clear Lake

    • My students loved this seminar. They have been talking about it in the halls and coming into my office and telling me it was the best seminar... One of my students even got up in front of the class and started to teach the concepts to a group of students who were not at the seminar. I talked to the president of the college about it and he's excited...The pass rate was great the last time you came...I am seeking funding for you to come back each semester."
      - Northern Texas college certification director

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    Survey Comments from the Seminars

    • "...I was so relieved to go through your book on the Music TExES exam. I knew in my mind exactly what I wanted the review to have, and I was so relieved when I opened your product to know that it read my mind...it is written from a basic yet thorough perspective, and I know it is exactly what I have been looking for to feel confident in my preparation. Thank you!!"
      - B.H.

    • "It gave me a means to understand the Competencies and to score higher on the test...I have a study regimen now - thanks!...He was just very effective."
      - Rosalina Castillo, Region 12 Seminar Attendee

    • "Book is excellent...great presenter...motivational and inspirational"
      - Nancy M., Sam Houston Univ.

    • "Great ideas and process to help pass the test...I feel confident after the seminar. He was a very informative and intelligent speaker with great ideas."
      - Jason A., Region 6 Seminar Attendee

    • "This will help me tremendously! I love acronyms! This gave me a great way to organize the abundance of information. He allowed for questions and discussion which enabled better understanding."
      - Jennifer Emola, Region 6 Seminar Attendee

    • "The information was presented on a level I understood. He made it interesting."
      - Stacie Watson, Region 6 Seminar Attendee

    • "The book has wonderful step-by-step instructions to work through the Competencies...I will take a completely different approach to studying. The seminar doesn't provide "answers" but a process that will require us to personally find the connections between Competencies and correct answers."
      - Shana Obermiller, Region 6 Seminar Attendee

    • "I learned what I needed to focus on to study for the test. I feel now I can go home and study what I need to study to pass. Clear and gave good examples."
      - Annette Robinson, Region 12 Seminar Attendee

    • "Mark really had some good strategies to study the PPR. He brought up points that I had never considered before. Down-to-earth, and has a good command of the English language."
      - Julie Brightwell, Region 12 Seminar Attendee

    • "Acronyms and other info. will be helpful on test...gave in-depth explanations and info about potential test questions."
      - Wayne Baur, Region 12 Seminar Attendee

    • "He was very helpful and cleared up many questions!"
      - Laura Diaz, Region 6 Seminar Attendee

    • "I liked the information shared relating Competencies to questions. I feel that this was a very informative seminar. I feel that I have alternative ways to prepare...Mr. Mentze appeared to believe in his plan for success on the PPR test."
      - Sharon Yarbrough, Region 6 Seminar Attendee

    • "(I liked) guidelines on what, how, when, and why to study. He kept us focused, on task, and he allowed us to ask questions."
      - Sonya Taylor Staten, Region 12 Seminar Attendee

    • "I learned a process to study...I thought the exam would use your common sense and I now know it doesn't. I would not have been prepared properly to take this exam."
      - Liz Krottinger, Region 6 Seminar Attendee

    • "I liked the thoroughness of the materials...the study materials are great. He is an engaging speaker who completely keeps your attention."
      - K.W. Sikes, Region 6 Seminar Attendee

    • "Interesting, exciting...never got sleepy! I think these strategies will help."
      - Sul Ross State Seminar Attendee

    • "I think the seminar brought up good comments and issues that will benefit students who are in the process of taking the test. It will also raise the study skills of each individual."
      - Rosa Gutirrez, Sul Ross State Seminar Attendee

    • "The book is outlined for easy learning and memorization. The speaker was very sincere about the class passing."
      - Tanisha Owens, Dallas ISD Seminar Attendee

    • "I know where to start and how to use prep materials. Guided you toward the correct way of thinking...especially if you have the correct answer but wrong Competency."
      - Sherry Caldwell, Dallas ISD Seminar Attendee

    • "He went step-by-step through thought process of answering questions and learning Competencies."
      - Dallas ISD Seminar Attendee

    • "He was very informative and very motivating. I understand the test and what I need to do. I must change the way I read the questions."
      - Paul Paramo, Dallas ISD Seminar Attendee

    • "The explanations of the Competencies were very clear...very entertaining and understandable."
      - Noe Vargas, Dallas ISD Seminar Attendee

    • "I could not remember the Competencies and now I have this acronym. He was very knowledgeable about the test and welcomed questions."
      - Keisha Wilkerson-Johnson, Dallas ISD Seminar Attendee

    • "Straight-forward instructor. Was lively. He had excellent knowledge of the material and personal experience."
      - Abel Galagon, Dallas ISD Seminar Attendee

    • "I really liked the acronyms given for memorization of the Competencies. I have a better understanding of the Competencies. He used examples/real world concepts to get his point across."
      - Daketa Johnson Wright, Dallas ISD Seminar Attendee

    • "It teaches concepts and application. I thought that everything was great. I have used Barrons and (a Texas-based program) and it did not help me."
      - Dr. Niares Hunn, Dallas ISD Seminar Attendee

    • "Instructor was very good and information was very helpful. Used vivid examples to connect knowledge."
      - Marlon Duncan, Dallas ISD Seminar Attendee

    • "It gave me information on what I must do to pass the test...different strategies...now I am more clear on what to look for. Good speaker."
      - J. Santos, Dallas ISD Seminar Attendee

    • "The seminar was very informative and helpful. He knew what he was talking about, plus he has been in my shoes..."
      - Cyntrell Mays, Dallas ISD Seminar Attendee

    • "You could tell he was confident in what he taught. He was relaxed, honest, and an excellent speaker with good ideas! It allowed me to think about my own thinking."
      - Sonya Giles, Dallas ISD Seminar Attendee

    • "I have learned strategies, steps of answering questions, acronyms for Competencies with clarification of the Competencies. He was very patient and clear..."
      - Yolanda Walker-Chancellor, Dallas ISD Seminar Attendee

    • "It was wonderful. The book was well-organized. I feel like I understand the questions better. He kept it interesting."
      - Jennifer Donnally, Dallas Off-Campus Seminar Attendee

    • "Now I know how to analyze the questions and think through this better. He had effective strategies and it helped me visualize the material better."
      - Sarah Quintanilla, Plano ISD

    • "Fantastic. Couldn't have understood it without your course! By putting these strategies to work, I know I will pass the first time. Thank you, thank you!"
      - JoEmma Urena, Midland Seminar Attendee

    • "I have really enjoyed this session, and feel that it will help me tremendously. I have been to many different sessions but finally I understand what they are asking me to do."
      - Margie Rosalez, Midland Seminar Attendee

    • "You have been a great help. I was able to pinpoint what I have been doing wrong. I have taken this exam about 15 times. I have attended other seminars but not as good as this one. Thank you!"
      - Beatriz Cruz, Midland Seminar Attendee

    • "I truly appreciate the fact that you've opened my eyes to how to apply the Competencies on the questions! Also, you've given me a head start on what to memorize as well. Thanks so much."
      - Iris, Midland Seminar Attendee

    • "This session is very different from other sessions that I have been to. I learned that I need to comprehend the questions and not just memorize."
      - Mario Bravo, Midland Seminar Attendee

    • "I have never attended a "review session" that summarized all the contents in such an effective way. By attending your seminar I have learned the best strategies to use when taking the test. Wonderful job!"
      - Sandra Salinas, Midland Seminar Attendee

    • "I feel this seminar was a great help to me since I was doing the totally wrong study. I was not studying at all the Competencies, since in my previous review session I was told not to even bother. Now I feel more confident if I continue to study your guidelines. I have a better chance to improve my 63."
      - L. Moya, Midland Seminar Attendee

    • "I feel that you showed us very good tips on how to prepare...I have take it three times and no one has taught me how to analyze the questions."
      - Midland Seminar Attendee

    • "I loved your presentation. It was very helpful. You have some very interesting points. Thank you very much."
      - Midland Seminar Attendee

    • "This was an excellent session. This course has opened many doors that I had not been able to overcome. Thanks a million."
      - Midland Seminar Attendee

    • "This presentation has opened more doors to my being more positive in taking this exam. I really did learn a whole lot of new strategies, especially making the connection with questions and Competencies."
      - Olga Gonzalez, Midland Seminar Attendee

    • "I felt this was an extremely helpful seminar. It really made the Competencies easier by simplifying the terminology. Excellent job! I felt that the restating of the questions was really helpful to me."
      - John Ray S., Midland Seminar Attendee

    • "Excellent presentation. Extremely useful strategies to learn the Competencies and use them in the test questions. I think this presentation is going to improve my score!"
      - Ruben M., Midland Seminar Attendee

    • "The presentation was very informative. I feel that by knowing the Competencies I will do better. I had no idea that this was the way to go. Thank you for a well-planned inservice."
      - Rafael Gonzalez, Midland Seminar Attendee

    • "He did a superior job. I now have a strategy for preparing for the exam."
      - San Antonio Seminar Attendee

    • "This book is unique in that it helped me to identify the Competencies before answering the test questions."
      - Jennifer Toepperwein, Teacher in the Keller ISD

    • "He provided a foundation for learning the required materials, rather than just throwing practice questions at you."
      - Pamela Brown, Teacher in the CISD, Gainesville, TX

    • "The seminar helped me understand HOW to study and retain knowledge instead of reviewing so much content. The tools I learned in the seminar were invaluable! I have taken the test previously but now I know I can pass after attending this seminar."
      - Teacher in the Katy ISD

    • "I know his strategies must be effective because I could really relate to his perspective and goals."
      - Patonia Bell, Dallas Seminar Attendee

    • "I feel better equipped because the instructor gave step-by-step instructions on how to attack questions."
      - Dallas Seminar Attendee

    • "I liked the practical delivery...and that Mr. Mentze actually took the test and was able to put his experiences in a concise book..."
      - D. Aldridge, Wilmer Hutchins ISD, Dallas

    • "It gave me insight on breaking down the questions for identifying the appropriate Competency... My motivation is higher, now that I understand the Competencies."
      -Wiley College Seminar Attendee

    • "The instructor was very good...he lets you know what you need to work on."
      -Kevin Jackson, Wiley College Seminar Attendee

    • It was very straight-forward and to the point. It was unlike any other study session I have attended before!
      - Houston seminar attendee

    • "The book is awesome!...It has a lot of helpful information. The seminar really opened my eyes concerning the Competencies."
      - Gilberto Cardenas, Laredo seminar attendee

    • "Well presented...he motivated me to pass the exam."
      - Norma Castilla, Laredo seminar attendee

    • "I liked that he broke up the Competencies so we could get a better understanding of each one."
      - Donna seminar attendee

    • "Excellent presenter...very knowledgeable. The book is easy to use...explains the information well and is well-organized. Seminar is fun, informative."
      - Graham Gadd, Dallas seminar attendee

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