Pass the TExES ESL Supplemental

I received my (Core Subjects EC-6) hard copy today and it is BEAUTIFUL! I am so excited and appreciate your hard work to put it together. What an amazing project. Thanks!
- K.P., Jefferson, TX

Pass the TExES ESL Supplemental

Also, I wanted to thank you for the book! I have been out of college for 18 years. I have spent the last 9 years out of the classroom as a stay at home mom, so I had forgotten a lot of the education jargon. I bought your book and used it to take the ESL supplemental test to add to my certification to get back into the classroom next year. I hadn't studied or taken a test in almost 2 decades, but with your study guide, I not only passed my test, but scored 280/300! Thanks for your help! This was a great study manual!
- R.E., Justin, TX

Pass the TExES ELAR 4-8l

I just want to let you all know how helpful the study guide was. I got the study guide Friday to take the ELAR 4-8 test on Saturday. I thoroughly read every part of that book and passed my exam. I will definitely buying more books from you in the future and I'm recommending you to coworkers and friends! Thanks so much for helping me pass on the first try!
- B.V. Royce City, TX



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Vickie Hester, Ph.D., is a certified Texas educator with advanced degrees in language and writing. Dr. Hester believes in the Pass the TExES program. Using these strategies,she scored in the 90th percentile on all her TExES examinations. She currently serves as a classroom teacher and editor of the Kids Writing Connection, a Dallas ISD publication for fledgling authors.

Kim Elmore, M.A., is a Texas teacher with certifications in elementary education, physical education, and art. She serves as a teacher leader and mentor for a large urban school district. In her role of teacher support, Ms. Elmore knows the value of extensive preparation for teaching success. Her work with Ed Publishing is designed to help teachers not only pass the TExES, but to get a step ahead toward a successful classroom career.

Vicki Green, M.Ed., is a dedicated classroom educator who holds seven Texas certifications, ranging from elementary education to English as a Second Language. As a Master Reading Teacher, she is committed to quality instruction and believes all students and teachers can succeed in a supportive, nurturing environment. Ms. Green believes in the Pass the TExES program because, she says, "It assists future educators who are on the path to making a positive difference in young lives." Ms. Green has done over 15 years of volunteer work with the Spina Bifida Association of Dallas. At home, she enjoys cooking, gardening, and spoiling her three dogs.


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