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Pass the TExES ESL Supplemental

I received my (Core Subjects EC-6) hard copy today and it is BEAUTIFUL! I am so excited and appreciate your hard work to put it together. What an amazing project. Thanks!
K.P., Jefferson, TX

Pass the TExES ESL Supplemental

Also, I wanted to thank you for the book! I have been out of college for 18 years. I have spent the last 9 years out of the classroom as a stay at home mom, so I had forgotten a lot of the education jargon. I bought your book and used it to take the ESL supplemental test to add to my certification to get back into the classroom next year. I hadn't studied or taken a test in almost 2 decades, but with your study guide, I not only passed my test, but scored 280/300! Thanks for your help! This was a great study manual!
- R.E., Justin, TX

Bilingual Supplemental, 2nd Ed for #164 [DOWNLOADABLE EBOOK]


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Pass the TExES Bilingual Supplemental for test #164 is an outstanding resource designed to provide the content review you need for success. This downloadable, printable ebook is in PDF format and downloads to your computer at the end of your purchase. It includes a detailed chapter for each Competency, exercises, worksheets, illustrations, an interactive PowerPoint® study module, and test-taking strategies in the style of all of the Pass the TExES books. This ebook is approx. 120 pages in length. Downloading and using our ebooks: 1. Purchase now on any device. Portable devices don't download zipped files so if you are on one, at the end of your purchase, simply email us at and request either a) a Dropbox download link to unzipped files if you plan to download directly to your portable device, or b) an emailed link to the zipped files to download to a desktop computer later. 2. Download or unzip your files and start studying first with our ebook...directions on p. 10-11. This ebook addresses the identification of standards, domains, and Competencies required of Bilingual teachers for certification to teach in public school classrooms in Texas. Included in this download is the interactive module and the official state manual. (NOTE: This ebook is for individual teachers and cannot be ordered by institutions except through the new Institution Ebook Program.) A hard copy of this ebook is also may upgrade at any time at the bottom of our site at the mailbox icon on the right. Author: Vickie Hester, Ph.D.


Vickie Hester, Ph.D., is a certified Texas educator with advanced degrees in language and writing. Dr. Hester believes in the Pass the TExES program. Using these strategies, she scored in the 90th percentile on all her TExES examinations. She currently serves as a classroom teacher and editor of the Kids Writing Connection, a Dallas ISD publication for fledgling authors. Vickie also does tutoring in the Dallas area and teaches seminars for the Pass the TExES program.


TUTORING: To purchase tutoring, all tutoring choices appear at the top and bottom of the main page of our website. See a description of all of our options below.

"The Basics": Phone Tutoring is $45, lasts approximately 1 hour, and with this option your book is 15% off. The phone tutoring is with Ed Publishing staff. This tutoring session do not cover subject matter content, but provides a detailed step-by-step review of every part of our study program to kick-start your preparation, and lead you to "active study", rather than "passive" study. Our study programs are designed to help you study efficiently and effectively for the best results.

"The Details" options: If you choose the One-on-One In-Person or Skype® tutoring, you meet with the author or one of our trained tutors in person for a minimum of 2 hours and your book is 25% off. The tutor assesses where you are at in your preparation, spends time with you in a targeted content review, reviews study program activities to lead you into "active study", and provides customized study recommendations. These options are $60 per hour and payable directly to the tutor. You may also pre-pay for in-person or Skype tutoring at the bottom of the main page of our website. If you have any questions about these tutoring options please email us at

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